Hardware and Tools Supply

Hardware and Tools Supply

Construction and on-site businesses require a stable workforce and manpower which they can easily rely on. Usually teams are aligned and they are given multiple tasks to complete multiple projects in an area. More importantly, these companies are dependent on the quality of the tools, machinery and the hardware they procure to ensure the safety of the projects they work on and the people who are involved in it including the clients, buyers and the workers.

Hardware tools suppliers in Pakistan are available at almost every block. But on a more frequent scale, we see that multiple projects getting the sack because of poor quality of materials and mixed construction bases that result in unstable projects. Usually such atrocities are seen when the country faces harsher climatic conditions. In such cases, builders and construction businesses are heavily under pressure to hire companies that deliver excellent services and have no policies on compromising on the criteria of the products used.

TAG International as hardware tools distributor

For the benefit for our customers we provide a complete range of solutions for all your hardware requirements. We deal with all sorts of businesses from a number of backgrounds.

Our product ranges from tools kits with basic installation and hardware supplies to heavy machinery and equipment that can be used for pipe installation, wire fixtures and industrial drilling machines. We also have an array of nuts and tools that you might require for fixing up some regular maintenance issues. We have some state-of-the-art and technologically advanced products that will definitely ease up the major tasks for you.

Not only limited to constructional needs, but our products are used in garage and automobile service stores, gym areas and administrative departments of several companies.

  • Compatible solutions – TAG International are tools and hardware suppliers. If you’re looking for fool-proof drafts and designs for your machinery and are looking for options, we have engineers that will guide you with the entire procedure. We cater to all client queries. Our team is composed of heavy machinery engineers that know how to get the job done on a timely basis.
  • Follow-ups and verification – After sales, we ensure that our clients are satisfied from the services and the products they have purchased. For this reason, we provide them quick check-ups and follow-up on the materials they have purchased. Furthermore, we also introduce budgeted schemes and plans so they can always revert back to us for more business needs.
  • Market competitive – In terms of our pricing and quality of our services we have several options for businesses. Depending on their requirements we tailor solutions so they are satisfied by the range of work they receive. In terms of performance we have facilitated our clients with remarkable products and materials that our teams have personally procured and approved meeting all standards.
  • Safety is our priority – We invest in manufacturers and brands that are known to the market. The safety of construction projects lies in the durability of the work. Which is why, our hardware and tools are of premier brands that deliver excellence.

How can your business reach out to Us?

TAG International is a hardware tools distributor in Karachi that has been known in the market for its reliable customer services and quality. We have been known to deliver what we promise and encourage trust based relations with our clients. For every minute query, our clients have reached out to us as they are fully aware of the kind of workmanship and deliverance we provide.

If you search for tools suppliers near me, you will find TAG International to lead your searches. Being in Pakistan we have stretched our services out to major cities and are continuing to grow and prosper in this business. Moreover, we have created several departments and sectors that continue to assist our clients for all their hardware and tools requirements.

Our contact details are available on the site and we are available on calls and emails for any questions and collaboration. Clients are always welcomed to reach out and present us with the requirements and our team will design budgeted solutions to help them out and deliver quality products to them in the closest budget that fits their needs.

Available for Immediate Assistance!

Our services are functional online and on-site where the clients can meet and discuss their prime requirements:

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