Machinery Equipment's

Machinery Equipment's

TAG International – one of the renowned heavy machinery suppliers in the industry with a reputation of reliability that is maintained for years. There are not many heavy machinery suppliers in Pakistan which can be trusted, but TAG international made its way through every challenge to become one of the most reliable heavy machinery companies in the region.

The company specializes in providing and manufacturing many machines – from heavy equipment to the most uncomplicated device. The company has many well-trained and technically sound experts that participate daily to maintain and improve the well-earned brand image of the enterprise. The extensive experience and highly qualified professionals give the organization an edge over its competitors and demand in multiple sectors.

TAG International deals in almost every sector and fulfills the market’s demand by providing top quality machinery solutions. The top most sectors we deal in include:

  • Construction Machinery and Equipments
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipments
  • Agricultural Machinery and Equipments
  • Mining Machinery and Equipments
  • Commercial and Service Industry Machinery and Equipments
  • Hospitality and Healthcare sector Machine and Equipments
  • Metalworking machinery
  • Power Transmission pieces of equipment
  • General Purpose machinery and equipment

Our machinery and equipment are manufactured and supplied with customized requirements. Our experts take detailed note of our client’s needs and assist them to go further with the right type of product that completely fulfills the demand. The team keeps the entire process transparent to maintain the trust of our clients and provide world class service as per their needs.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is well structured with all the necessary tools to create the best valued equipment for the clients’ success. In addition, we have a spacious warehouse to keep the inventory stocked to keep the market demand well-feeded with the right equipment. This stock allows us to handle the shortage of equipment in the market and provide machinery on an urgent basis.

Quality and Safety:

Having the best quality and providing the top class safety to our employees and clients is our prime motto. Therefore, we are highly concerned and picky when it comes to selecting the resources and materials to manufacture the durable outcome.

Our machines and equipment perform up to the mark and are durable to the best. The technology used by the team is remarkably well performing and qualifies the local and international standards followed by all the sectors. Our solutions are built with the highest safety standards to keep our internal employees, clients’ technical team, and surroundings safe and sound.

Convenient Operations:

All types of machinery are manufactured for easy handling and convenient setup. All the types of equipment are easy to use and can be handled by workers with minimal training. The equipment delivered is provided with professional support to install it by expert hands, and the clients’ tech team is trained for safe usage. The process is thoughtfully planned and monitored to ensure that all the types of machinery’ quality and safety stay intact.

The Ultimate IoT provider for Machinery:

IoT is the game changer! The industrial internet of things (IoT) refers to the technology integration in the machinery and equipment for the most innovative solution. These solutions are always customer-centric, which means the applications are highly synchronized with the requirements provided by the client. With the firm belief of providing the best thoughtful solution, the team at TAG International adapts a tailored approach for each client. Automation is the present and the future. Our machinery is built to help automate the procedures for clients’ organizations and reduce manual handling to the significant extent possible. This approach improves the safety of the equipment and increases the efficiency of the organization’s operations. It reflects the following benefits:

  • It increases equipment’s utilization
  • Help predict defects and machinery life
  • The manufacturing process becomes trackable
  • Alerts organizations using environmental sensors
  • Real-time screens and monitors the machinery
  • Allow remote connections for quick handlings
  • Provides a higher level of security
  • Convenient interfaces for easy handlings

Your Perfect Solution Provider:

TAG international, a trusted industrial machinery and equipment, is always here to assist you with the best solutions. So if you are looking for machine equipment in Karachi or industrial products suppliers in Pakistan, you are at the right place. We are among the most reliable providers in all the running industries, keeping us on the top among all industrial distributors in Pakistan.

We are also recognized as machine equipment suppliers, machine equipment providers, heavy machinery engineers, hardware and tools suppliers, and safety products suppliers.

Connect with our proficient staff and us to get access to the machinery and equipment solutions that will be useful for your organization in the longer run. Regardless of the industry, you deal in, we provide bespoke solutions that cater to your organization’s most specific needs and the services you provide.

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