School Uniform Suppliers

School Uniform Suppliers

Schools teach discipline and unionization to the students. In a multitude of ways, they impart these concepts into their classrooms. One affirmative way is introducing a uniform for its students to highlight identity. Construction of an identity in a schooling environment is of paramount importance.

Schools tend to launch their own labels, products, stationary and even uniforms. These are embossed or embroidered with the label of the institution, are manufactured in different colors and follow a dress code decided by the organization.

School uniforms are a mandatory need in almost every household. On a regular scale, two uniforms per student are a need in every house where you have children falling into an age bracket. Thus, this is a huge industry that has a regular and focused scope. However, there are multitude of shops and stores that offer school uniforms of in-area and famous schools and are able to customize their orders in no time. School Uniform suppliers use lesser valued materials and worn out quality of the fabric that can easily be torn.

Why is TAG International different?

At TAG International, we opt for valued quality, meeting international standards and suitable customization options that guarantees high quality products created using the finest materials. TAG International group is a School Uniform stitching company that has excelled in its business by creating genuinely robust and excellent products that are known for their quality in the market.

  • Quality Materials – Our products are designed using the highest quality of organic materials under lower costing rates that ensures quality over quantity.
  • Standard Stitching – We are known all over Pakistan for our undeniable workmanship. We have created and supplied some of the best quality products in the markets that are a re-buy for our clients.
  • Consistent production checks – At our manufacturing firm we ensure a complete supervision procedure to guarantee that each material is separately passed under the quality check.
  • Quality Assurance – Our customer service keeps everything in line for the client. From order placement to shipment and quality assurance we have it all sorted.
  • After Care – We strongly advise all of our clients to reach out to our company in case of further assistance or unclear queries. Our team of professionals are dedicated to provide help in any possible manner.


TAG International produces superior quality school uniforms for students belonging to any educational level. We have several categories which our clients can view online for any relevant details. Our company also caters to personalized orders and tailoring the needs of your school to manufacture good quality uniforms for the pupils.

Our product lines include but are not limited to summer and winter uniforms for students including full and half sleeved shirts, dress pants/ trousers or knee length shorts for the boys and trousers/ skirts for the girls. The winter gear usually includes sweaters, mufflers, gloves and jackets for the students.

How to place your next order?

If your school is willing to invest or partner up with a premium manufacture that produces School Uniforms in Pakistan, then ours is the option you will need to consider for excellent and reliable services.

We are prompt distributors and school uniform manufacturers in Karachi. We have shipped our products out to other cities of the country where we have received valuable feedback from the clients on the material of the fabric and the quality of the stitching. We have been extremely thorough and detailed with our designs.

Our approach follows a customer-centered mindset. We regulate the details and design products that are pre-approved and match the requirements and standards set forth by the client. These approved drafts are sent over at the manufacturing outlet where they are produced in bulk. No matter the quantity of the order placed, our team of efficient professionals’ scan through every piece to ensure there has been no malfunction and each design is packed after careful inspection.

As well-grounded school uniforms suppliers in Pakistan, we have gained considerable experience and cater to multiple educational institutes with regards to their uniform requirements. Our schooling supplies are not limited to uniforms only. TAG International has been a dependable vendor as stationary suppliers in Pakistan. They provide unequalled and top-notch paper and printing supplies for schools and their administrative functions carried out in the office.

The matchless and reliable delivering and shipment procedure has made TAG International a leading supplier in the industry. From stationery distributors in Pakistan to school uniform manufacturers in Pakistan, we have mounted all the needful requirements set by the client.

Searching for school uniforms near me will give you the name of our renowned company at the top of the list from where you can contact us. If you are willing to discuss your order details, our customer representatives will guide you on how the process envelopes and how you can place your next order with TAG International.

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